Green Eggs

Green Eggs is a social recipe app for iOS and Android that lets users create, share, and search for recipes that meet their dietary and allergy requirements. With Green Eggs, users can easily create their own recipes in simple steps and share them with the world. Additionally, they can search a large database of recipes to find dishes that fit their specific dietary and allergy needs. Green Eggs makes it easy and fun to discover and share delicious and healthy recipes.


Who is the target market for Green Eggs?

We have designed Green Eggs to be user-friendly and accessible for all, with a simple and friendly user interface and clear, easy-to-follow instructions. We anticipate that the app will be primarily used by non-technical users, such as parents and grandparents, and have tailored the app to meet their needs and preferences. Green Eggs is designed to make it easy for anyone to create, share, and search for delicious and healthy recipes, regardless of their technical proficiency.

Does Green Eggs have a user manual?

Yes, Green Eggs comes with a user manual to help users get started with the app and make the most of its features. The user manual can be found at this url. The user manual provides detailed instructions and information about how to use Green Eggs, including how to create and share recipes, search for recipes, and customize the app to meet your specific needs and preferences. We recommend consulting the user manual if you have any questions or need assistance with using Green Eggs.

Why is it called Green Eggs?

The name Green Eggs is inspired by the classic Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham. We chose this name because it evokes positive feelings and connotes simplicity, friendliness, and approachability. Just like the book, Green Eggs is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, and to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for users of all ages and backgrounds. The name Green Eggs also hints at the app’s focus on healthy and delicious recipes, as well as its ability to accommodate dietary and allergy restrictions. Overall, we believe that the name Green Eggs accurately represents the spirit and essence of our app.

How is Green Eggs different from other recipe apps?

Green Eggs stands out from other recipe apps by being available on both iOS and Android, which makes the app accessible to a wider range of users. In addition, Green Eggs places a strong emphasis on empowering users and giving them control over their experience. For example, users can easily filter out recipes based on their allergies and dietary requirements, which saves them time and effort compared to searching for hours to find a suitable recipe. Overall, Green Eggs is designed to be user-friendly, inclusive, and empowering, and to provide a fun and satisfying experience for users of all ages and backgrounds.

What technology does Green Eggs use?

Green Eggs is a cutting-edge recipe app that has been developed using TypeScript, a powerful and versatile programming language. The app has a modern and intuitive React Native frontend, which provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for users. The backend of the app is powered by NodeJS, which enables the app to handle large amounts of data and traffic efficiently. We also use GraphQL as a query language for our API, which allows us to easily and securely access and manipulate data in our database. Our database is powered by PostgreSQL, which is a robust and reliable relational database management system. To ensure maximum availability and scalability, we host our API with Heroku and use an S3 bucket for cloud file storage. Overall, Green Eggs is a well-designed and technologically advanced app that provides users with a rich and satisfying experience.

Is the source code available?

Yes! The whole project is open source and can be found on GitHub here and here.

Yes, Green Eggs is an open-source project that is available on GitHub at the following links: and We believe in the power of open-source software to promote collaboration, innovation, and transparency, and we are committed to providing our users with access to the source code of Green Eggs. By making the app open-source, we also invite users to contribute to the project and help us improve the app through their suggestions, feedback, and contributions. We encourage anyone who is interested in Green Eggs to visit our repositories on GitHub and learn more about the app’s development and history.

Technical Details

Green Eggs was developed over several months by a dedicated team of university students, with Edward Jones making the majority of the contributions (source and source). The app is built using TypeScript, a powerful and versatile programming language, and features a NodeJS backend and React Native frontend. This video provides an in-depth look at the technical aspects of Green Eggs, including the design process, technologies used, development process, and a live demo of the app in action.

Whether you are a developer, a user, or simply curious about Green Eggs, this video offers a comprehensive and engaging overview of the app and its underlying technologies.

Design Process

Green Eggs was designed in Figma, a popular and powerful design tool, using components from the Eva Design System. The Figma prototypes for Green Eggs are available for viewing at this link. These prototypes provide a detailed and interactive look at the design and layout of Green Eggs, and allow users to explore the app’s various screens and features. Whether you are a designer, a developer, or simply interested in the design of Green Eggs, these prototypes offer a valuable and informative insight into the app’s design process and evolution.

Awards and Reception

Green Eggs has received widespread recognition and acclaim for its design and execution. The project was highly praised by the university, as well as a team of judges composed of industry experts, for its innovation, user-friendliness, and technical excellence. As a result of this recognition, Green Eggs was awarded the Runner-Up Best Project Prize at the 2021 SCIT Trade Show, and received a High Distinction from the University of Wollongong. These accolades are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Green Eggs team, and reflect the app’s ability to deliver a rich and satisfying experience for users.


Get it on Google Play

App Store coming soon. For now, the iOS app can be downloaded as a simulator build here.