Germ Warfare

I'm excited to announce the release of our latest game, developed in partnership with my friend Fourbs for Ludum Dare 46. The theme for this game jam was "Keep it Alive," so we decided to create a game where you play as a doctor, shrunk down inside a patient, fighting to keep your patient alive by killing bacteria and viruses.

The gameplay is heavily inspired by the binding of isaac, and features fast-paced action and challenging enemies. We also incorporated elements of the current pandemic into the game, with germs and a doctor theme that we felt were particularly relevant at the time of development.

I was responsible for creating the pixel art and doing a lot of the development work. I'm really proud of the final product, and I think the pixel art really adds to the overall aesthetic of the game. We used the Godot game engine to bring everything together, and I think it worked out really well.

Overall, I'm really happy with how this game turned out. It was a fun and challenging project to work on, and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Fourbs. We're already looking forward to our next game jam and continuing to develop our skills.