Nans of Rage

I recently participated in the Ludum Dare game jam, where the themes were two button controls and growing. In just 72 hours, I developed a simple beat-em-up style game featuring graphics done by a friend.

The game follows a nan who has gone on a violent rage in a shopping center. As she fights her way through waves of police officers, she can use two button controls to unleash a variety of punches and kicks. Every time she defeats an officer, they drop a donut, which the nan can eat to regain health.

This game was a fun and challenging project to work on, and I was thrilled to see it come together in just a few short days. I'm grateful to my friend for providing the amazing graphics, which really brought the game to life.

Overall, this was a great experience and I'm looking forward to participating in future game jams. Keep an eye out for more updates on my projects!