React Material Symbols

I'm excited to announce the release of my first npm package, React Material Symbols. This is a minimalist package for adding Material Symbols to any React project.

For those who may not be familiar, Material Symbols are the newest icon set developed by Google. They are designed to be simple, modern, and easy to use, making them a great choice for any project that needs to add a bit of visual flair.

React Material Symbols is designed to make it easy to add these symbols to any React project. The package is lightweight and fast, and it's easy to install and use. Simply install the package using npm, and you'll have access to a wide range of Material Symbols that you can use in your project.

I'm really proud of this package, and I'm excited to see it being used in projects around the world. This is my first npm package, but I plan to publish more soon. I hope you find React Material Symbols to be a valuable tool, and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback.